RUNNING In His Shoes

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This post is brought to you by the sentence "My husband is right."
(and, it's written for Brig, the little sister I didn't have (but Sarah did!) but love just as much, LOL!)

Just wanted to get that out there first, seeing as Peter isn't going to let me live this down for a while...

As I mentioned yesterday, I succumbed to Peter's "encouragement" and got a pair of Vibrams.  I thought I might trail run in them but mainly got them to wear around the house since I like being barefoot (save the 'in the kitchen' jokes since that's actually true in our house!).  I have sworn up and down (and sideways and... you get the picture) that I wouldnt run in them outside of the ocassional trail.  I've even been known to make fun of runners in them... I know, I'm pretty awful.

For some reason today (perhaps it was Brigid asking if I've run in them, but really, who knows), I decided to go for a short run around the neighborhood.  I've been training with only 2-3 runs a week and have missed my daily 2-3 miles since I had dropped my dailies over the winter (dont know why... I missed them and yet couldnt get my butt out of bed in the early a.m. to go). As I put on my running clothes, I decided to forgo my sneakers (it's been raining and they are new... but really that's just an excuse I think) and keep the Vibrams (which I've worn all morning to clean in).

2.05 miles... 5 songs on my phone... 18 minutes.  Yeah.  9 minute miles.  (I'm a 10 minute mile kind of girl).  I felt like I was flying and, get this, there was no added stress to me.  I wanted to do my 'race pace' which is about a 10 minute mile, but something happened. I was running with the output that I planned but realized as my playlist went by that I was way ahead of where I thought I should/would be. 

So...Peter was right.  These shoes are a bit more amazing than I thought. I can't believe I PR'd my 2 mile standard on my first run out...

(Of course...We'll see how my feet are going to feel later this day but, for right now, they feel pretty darn fine!)


brigidmc12 said...

whoa! Congrats on your new 2mile PR! I haven't done any research on them (but have probably given weird looks to runners wearing them)...maybe I should look into a pair.