Monday, June 17, 2013


15 years ago, I said the "I Do" that changed my life forever. 

15 years ago, I was a girl barely out of high school and madly in love with a boy after I'd spent only a few hours with him.  I was a girl hit by the lightening bolt and forever linked to a boy I didn't know existed a few months before.

A boy
Peter and his grandpa... early 1980s

and a girl

Who became this boy and girl...

Who, fifteen years and 5- but soon to be 6- birthed babies that number 10 altogether, and college graduations and buying houses and all the wonderful and awful things in between...

became this man and woman...
2013: www.ericacolvinphotography.com

Crystal is, apparently, the traditional 15 year gift, but throw that to the wind.  We're celebrating our lovefest, my birthday, and our babymoon all at once with a trip to our favorite restaurant in NYC.  That trumps crystal any day in my book.

I love you, Peter.  I loved you the first moment our eyes locked in Gerard Hall.  I loved you the first time I saw you smile.  I loved you the first time I held you while you cried.  And I love you today more than yesterday while I anticipate loving you even more tomorrow.  I did. I do. And I will.

2013: www.ericacolvinphotography.com