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We have always wanted to homeschool our children.  We love to learn and both of us wished for more from our formal schooling.  We decided that the best way to pass on our love of learning and our religious beliefs would be to educate at home.  We also feel that learning begins from before we are even born.  With this in mind, we read and sang to our children in utero, in addition to practicing "belly massage" to sensitize the baby to our touch while they were still in the womb.

From birth, we have sang and read.  At three months old, Maya would hold the pages of her favorite board book and follow along the pages as we pointed to what we were reading!  At six months old, both babies will hold books and will laugh as we sing to them.  We have also introduced writing and drawing to them.  With the babies sitting in our laps, we hold a crayon in the child's hand and write the letters of the child's name.  While, at this point, we are directing the movement, Bobby and Maya will watch the letter being formed and will grip the crayon correctly for a brief time (at six months old).  It is never too early to learn!

After reading about several different styles of homeschooling, we have opted to begin using the Montessori method, especially since it has explored formally educating infants and toddlers, as well as older children.  It is important to us to integrate our Catholic beliefs, as well as a world view of religion and culture, to our children, which can blend seamlessly with a Montessori model of home education.

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