Mending Heart Bellies

“Miscarriages are labor, miscarriages are birth. To consider them less dishonors the woman whose womb has held life, however briefly.” –Kathryn Miller Ridiman

offering services to help mend the hearts of those who have experienced the death of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss

If you have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss and are pregnant (or seeking to become pregnant) again, you may be struggling with your emotions. Are you afraid that you will lose another child? Do you feel guilty that you are somehow dishonoringthe memory of your other child or children by seeking to have another? Are you struggling with primary or secondary infertility? There are so many issues that arise in a pregnancy post loss that make it difficult for parents to blend in with the pregnancy community at large. Sometimes, the idea of attending childbirth education classes or prenatal yoga classes cause such angst with expectant parents because they are afraid to share their losses or fear exclusion because of their special situation. Mending Heart Bellies caters to the unique needs of orphaned parents and those struggling with infertility. There is no need to feel out of place, ashamed, or afraid of your past birth experiences. You aren't alone and we can help.

Have you been told that your child has died and you are afraid of birthing alone? Are you currently miscarrying? MHB provides no cost lay doula services to assist you in this painful journey through orphaned motherhood.