Our Children

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Although we have no pictures of him, our first baby was only with us for a short time and went to heaven through miscarriage.  We call this baby Peter and he lived during late 2000 and was miscarried in 2001.

In October 2007, we conceived our first set of twins.  At fifteen weeks and six days, our son, Nicholas was born on February 1, 2008 through a very quick natural labor and birth.  He lived for 55 minutes and touched the lives of not only his family, but also the EMT personal who took care of him.   We remained pregnant with our daughter, Sophia, for 15 more days.  She was born, after a night of contractions and a 4 hour back labor through a natural labor and birth, on February 16th, and lived her entire life of 5 minutes in the arms of her father.

We conceived our sweet baby, whom we named Dimitri, 3 months later in late-May and miscarried him in early-June.

Days before Peter's birthday, we conceived our son, Alexander, in August 2008.  At 17 weeks, he was born prematurely on November 23rd, after 4 days in the hospital, through a peaceful, natural birth, and lived for 5 minutes in his father's arms.

We were blessed for a few days in February 2009 with the conception of our sweet Zoe, who we miscarried days after we conceived her.

In March 2009, we conceived our twins, Bobby and Maya.  They were born on September 10th, after 9 weeks on home bedrest and 7 weeks of hospital bedrest.  They spent 9 weeks in the NICU and came home healthy in mid-November 2009.  We are blessed with their health and happiness daily.

Around Thanksgiving 2010, we unexpectedly conceived our miracle, Grace, who we miscarried on Christmas Eve.

Healthwise, we have been very lucky with Bobby and Maya.  In the womb, Bobby had an attack of SVT, however it resolved upon birth; he had stage 1 ROP that never progressed.  Maya had a grade 1 IVH that resolved within 4 weeks of birth and we have had no issues from that; she also had stage 2+ ROP that was treated with laser surgery in November 2009.  Both babies were higher than average birthweight for twins at 28 weeks gestation; Bobby weighed 2lbs13oz and Maya weighed 2lbs5oz.  At six months old, Bobby weighed 16lbs and Maya 11lbs.  Both are over 2 feet tall (Bobby was born at 15" and Maya 14.25") and have head circumferences within full term baby ranges.  At 3 months old, they assessed at birth age, and at their 4 month pediatrician appointment, their doctor told us there was no need to adjust their age based on their size and developmental milestones.  They ate breastmilk until they were 3 months old (when mastitis dried up my supply) and since have eaten a special formula for premature babies.  Beginning at 4 months old, they began eating rice cereal, oatmeal, barley cereal, and stage 1 vegetables.  At 5 months old, we added in stage 1 fruits and fruit juice.  At 6 months old, we added in stage 2 baby food and vegetable juice.  By the time they hit 9 months old, we began cutting up the food we were eating, which allowed them to develop an outstanding pallet (and makes our restaurant visits even more enjoyable!).  At a year old, with quite a few teeth between them, they love to drink from their Camelback BiteValve bottles, are weening themselves from formula, and love to eat whatever we are eating!  To follow their journey as they age, check this blog often or visit our homeschool blog!