September 2010 was a changing point for me.  Not only was it the month when Bobby and Maya turned a year old, but it was the month that I finally took a hard look at myself in the mirror... And could barely recognize the woman staring back.  I had gained up to almost 251 pounds at the height of my pregnancy with Bobby and Maya in 2009, and, one year later, weighed in at an astounding 240lbs.  At 5'7, my BMI was well into the "obese" range at 37.6.  I was fat.  I was unhealthy.  And I knew- desperately- that I needed to do something about it.  I was tired of blaming my PCOS, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and my grief for the woman I'd become.  I knew that I couldn't simply go on a diet; it would be too easy to fail and then throw my hope in the trash.  Instead, I understood that I had to make a commitment to a healthier life- and make a lifelong decision to eat better, smaller portions and to exercise on a regular basis.  It couldnt just be about "being thin"; it had to be about being healthy... to being a better mother, wife, and woman.  I decided, in that moment, to change my life forever.

Since that first post, I started writing down my food and keeping within a healthy calorie range.  I exercise several times a week.  And I eat consciously.  I think about what I'll eat and I eat when I'm hungry.  But, in addition to portion control, I also eat until I am satiated- not stuffed.  It has made all the difference.  When I began, I started at 240.  By January 2011, I had the joy of seeing the scale hit 200... and it has continued to fall.  I document my weight loss journey at Less of Me...Is More and, although I will share my emotions in posts at MLAL, my food journaling, exercise records, and measurement/weight info will remain at LOMIM.  My hope is to continue towards my goal of a healthy 150 pounds (and a BMI of 23.5,  in the "normal" range) and to keep living the life that keeps me healthy.

My weight loss journey: Less of Me...Is More

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